Roberto was born on June 2nd 1953 and he was the second son of Gregorio Norrick and Olga Ursic. His brothers, Daniel and Fabián Eduardo have also shared with him the passion for music from their childhood, learning to play instruments and to sing from early ages. They have started to present themselves as a trio in the local environment during family parties, school and clubs as well as in radio and television. We can count among their numerous performances their participations at “Atlantilandia” of LU6 Radio Atlántica (lead by Alfredo L. Nario "Goyito"), “Telepequeñocho” (lead by Rubén Horacio Bayón) and “Sábados de Mar y Sierras” (lead by Jorge Marchesini) of Channel 8 TV. They have also belong to the group of The children singers from the Plata «Los Niños Cantores del Plata» directed by the excellent pianist and Professor José Locatelli. After a while, the Norrick brothers have added one member (a drummer) to their group which marked their evolution from folkloric music to melodic and modern music at the end of the 70’s. Roberto completed his study of accordion started at the age of 8 years old and solfège obtaining the degree of Superior Professor distinguished with honour in both disciplines when he was only 15 years old. The new musical group was named “Reverberation” in reference to the incorporation of electric instruments like the guitar, bass, organ and acoustic drums. This musical band has developed an intense activity across traditional balls, carnivals, hotels and restaurants, etc. It was also performing in weddings feast, congress, festivals and when they had the occasion in Radio and Television.

In 1972, Roberto as author and compositor, won the 3rd price of the first “Festival of the unknowns” organized by an important editing company from La Plata (Buenos Aires) with the song entitled (shake) “Voy por el centro” which was edited and printed commercially. This allowed Roberto to be a member as author and compositor of the Argentinean Authors and Compositors Society (SADAIC). In 1976, the success of “Reverberation” led the band to be engaged by a multinational tobacco firm for a promotional tour across the cities of Rosario, Córdoba, San Luis and Mendoza. In 1977, Roberto has left his native city to install himself in Buenos Aires, the Capital of Argentina. After some “feeding” job not very interesting, he became musician and seller in a selling and importing firm of musical instruments which have become the most important of the country. At the end of 1983, Roberto became independent through the buying of a commercial kiosk. January 12th 1984, he married María Eva Almaraz who will give him the happiness of being father on November 30th of the same year of Juan Roberto.

In 1985, after a bankruptcy and a country in crisis, Eva and Roberto have decided to leave their dear Argentina (Juan Roberto was 8 month old) and, on August 22nd, the three of them went to Geneva (Switzerland) to start a new life at all level. In the city of Calvin, Roberto has started the common fight of every immigrant to survive, and learn a new language, French. The search for a job has become the main activity and after some occasional job, he obtained his first stable job as an administrative employee of a diplomatic office where he did general office task as well as driver sometimes. He has been working there from 1986 to 1990. At the end of 1990 he obtained his first short term contract (first of a long series) in the UN organizations. In 1994 and 1995, he went to work in Vienna (Austria) still in the UN system and in 1996 he obtained his first fix term contract which has become a permanent contract in an international organization with its headquarter in Geneva and worked there until 2013 to be retired from ILO.

The life of Roberto has started to become successful from the moment he has started to believe God at the age of 33 when he has accepted for the first time the good news of Jesus as the source of life. His life has changed through prayer, reading the Bible and fellowship in churches and Christian events. He has started to activate the faith with the conviction and certainty of what you not see and discovering the Grace of God through the Holy Spirit, accepting Jesus Christ as his unique and sufficient saviour, asking forgiveness for his sins and understanding that what is impossible to man is possible to God who never forgets nor forsakes us. With a heart full of gratitude to the Sovereign God, he decided in 2009, to produce his first CD of praise, worship and inspiration. This realization, “From whence comes my help?”, reflects the merciful and protector character of our God creator and giver of life. It is a personal artistic realization, using his gifts of musician, singer, composer and arranger. It has been done with the humble objective to bring something more to the rich musical Christian production already existing with the particularity to be trilingual (English, Spanish and French) and to be composed of diverse music styles such as ballad, pop, salsa, rock and reggae. It proclaims the faith and hope through the rich word of life that has transformed him and millions of lives from every language, tribes and nations across the world.

In 2014 after having some rest in his new life as a retired man, letting behind the proffesional activities, starts the preparation of his second CD. It takes more than one year to do it seriously with the help of an arranger & guitar player named Wiso Aponte who did a great job with the songs composed by Roberto, supervising the recordings finally finished in 2015 in the Real Studio in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. The CD is just now (2016) being released after a long process of edition, etc.

The story of Roberto, by the Grace of God, is not yet finished. More new songs are surely coming because of his musical passion, his commitments with the Word of God, doing by faith what is impossible in the natural way but possible in the spirit with the Supernatural Power of God Almighty glorifying Jesus Christ, Saviour & Lord of everything.